Chop Chop

Welp…It’s been a long journey.

From a life long warm brunette to “bronde” to a smattering of grey/brown/blonde….I have finally arrived at the most natural my hair has been since 18yrs old.

I finally chopped the bottom warmth off to this snazzy little bob (pictured in my header photos.  Professional shot coming soon)…and I’m feelin’ it.

The transition to grey has been interesting.  Let me start by saying this…


I am an actor.  Therefore, I must be adaptable.  I’m also trying to get some looks I’ve never attracted before.  So, after years of cycling in and out of the view of different CD’s and trying to find an “edge”, I landed on the youthful and trendy grey grow out.

I’m getting mixed reviews.  While some are saying they are afraid it will eliminate opportunity, I certainly am finding that I stand out more this way.  Maybe a case of “even bad publicity is good publicity”???

Time will tell I suppose.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying not having the monthly root touch up.  We shall see how long I get to flaunt the wisdom.

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