Creatively present

It’s been a strange time.  We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and everything has come to a strange sort of stand still.  Public venues closed, all non essential businesses and environments shut down, most major airlines flying ghost flights, freeways empty (by LA standards), street cleaning tickets being waived…even the normal things don’t feel quite so “normal” anymore.  The grocery stores have lines out the door and you have to barter your birthright for toilet paper.  We are all being encouraged to wear masks when out and about, and passing a neighbor on the street feels like you are doing something wrong or even dangerous.  There are many opinions on what is happening and how to respond; for now, I will just say…it’s been a strange time.

As my third born child is finally more independent, I’ve been slowly climbing back into the performance saddle.  I’ve been ready to get back to business but with 3 children at home now due to schools being closed, I’m finding it’s harder than ever to make the time to flex those creative muscles and get to work.  The days are long, and by evening the couch and bed are calling (not to mention the pile of laundry and dishes that still haven’t been done).

In these strange times, there have been many seeking comfort in media, whether it be hoping that the news finally has something good to report, watching the film that skipped its theatrical release to come straight to our living rooms, or listening to a favorite album on repeat.  Art uplifts us.  Creating is a reflection of the Grand Creator himself, and I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to slow down and remember that all art is meant to illuminate the ups and downs of the human experience.

So, while things are strange, while it’s hard to find the time and space, I’m making efforts to be creatively present.  This endeavor has many colors…everything from silly dances and voices with my kids to finally nailing down some scenes worth putting on camera.

Lord willing, when this is all said and done, I will be a more well rounded artist on the other side, forever changed because life is too crazy and amazing not to be affected by it.

May the Peace of Jesus be with you and yours in this uncertain time.